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Hi, I'm Samantha at the news desk. Always on the lookout for a BIG JUICY... Story!

Yeah, December is here, and the girls thoughts turn to stockings.... Like they don't the rest of the year! Lol

Unfortunately, we've had to close on Sunday due to the snow. We're hoping to be open again on Monday, but phone us to check & see we're here to warm your bits up!!!

Want to know more about the girls? Then give us a call, on 01773 512661.

Fancy working here?

We're looking for new ladies, aged 18 or over, with full UK passports.
At Enigma Spa, we think that personality's at least as important as the way you look so, in the first instance, email sue@enigmaspa.co.uk, or call us, on 01773 512661.
We look forward to seeing you soon!


4 Nottingham Road Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3DJ. Tel: 01773 512661 or 01773 746104